Three screenshots of the Workflow Guide, describing how to convert print documents to tablet apps.
We began the project by writing the SUDP Workflow Guide, a comprehensive manual that described everything from preparing a document for tablet viewing to the best practices when designing for screen readability and touchscreen devices.
An set of icons used to describe interactivity (where to tap, swipe, etc.) within our page templates.
Our branded templates and page layouts also included a custom icon library to denote buttons, links, and gesture-based interactivity.
Two iPad screenshots showing the home screens of two custom library apps.
We also designed and developed two custom app libraries for iOS. One for the University's alumni magazine and one highlighting a variety student-produced, special interest magazines.
A screenshot of the marketing website.
Augmented by PDF excerpts, flyers and listserv email blasts, the SUDP marketing website advertised our resources and workflows while highlighting some of the apps recently launched using our service.